Specs Appeal has a great selection of designer frames.
Try on classic styles. Try on newer trendier styles. Try a look you might not have tried before. Whether your new glasses are worn full time or are just for reading, your new frames will influence how people perceive you. Glasses frequently become as much a part of you as your skin, hair color, and clothing choices. We recognize what an important choice you are making when you choose your new frames. We have a passion for helping you discover the perfect frame for your face and your lifestyle.


Because we do both Eye Care and Eye Wear, you can get your eye check up and choose your frames right here. We make the whole process simple. We are not a big chain store with impersonal service. We care about each of our customers, and each unique situation. Your tastes, your eye healthcare needs, your insurance... all the elements that go into getting a new pair of glasses. We will do our best to help you get your new pair of glasses with as little fuss as possible.


Of course, we also take prescriptions from elsewhere and we will make sure whichever frames you choose, that they are fitted with the correct prescription from our in office lab, and fitted for your face. If over time you need to adjust how your glasses fit, come back in and we'll be happy to make sure that they fit as they should.


Come in and explore. You might discover a pair of frames that give you a whole new outlook on life, and give others a whole new impression of you.


Specs Appeal Online provides full warranty coverage on all items sold, including free in-store adjustments.



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