High-index Lenses

High-index lenses are advanced plastic lenses that are thinner than conventional plastic or glass lenses. High-index refers to the lens materials index of refraction. A lens material's index of refraction describes the degree to which it refracts light. A high-index material has an index of refraction above conventional plastic (1.499). The higher index of refraction enables the material to bend light to a greater degree. This results in a thinner lens because less curvature is needed for a given power. In addition, high-index lenses are generally lighter than plastic because they require less material to produce the lens. In simple terms, this means that a high power can be captured in an ultra-thin lens that's very light and attractive.


Advantages of High-Index Lenses

Lighter & Thinner – High Index lenses are up to 30% lighter and thinner than regular plastic lenses for greater comfort and a more attractive appearance.

UV Protection – High Index lenses shield your eyes from virtually 100% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Scratch Resistant – High Index lenses are hard coated for excellent durability and scratch resistance.

No Reflections – We recommend Anti-Reflective coating to increases visual comfort, enhance cosmetic appearance and improve vision, especially when using a computer or driving at night.

Thinner, so you'll have slimmer glasses and can choose from a wider choice of frames.

Lighter, so your glasses weigh less and you'll feel more comfortable.

Flatter, so your lenses will bulge less from the frame (and if you are farsighted, your eyes will appear less magnified and more natural in size).

Good for all prescriptions. Best in the +/-1.00 to +/-4.00 sphere power range.