Transitions® Lenses

Transitions® Lenses are a smart choice for your everyday lenses offering everything you need in a corrective lens: visual acuity, visual comfort and convenient protection from the harmful effects of UV radiation and glare because they adjust to changing light conditions… going from clear indoors to getting as dark as a sunglass in bright glaring sunlight, automatically!


Transitions Lenses are the ideal all-around lenses. While they are clear indoors, they adapt to any light condition when exposed to sunlight outdoors. In addition, they provide 100% UV protection. Transitions Lenses are also available for all types of prescriptions, from single vision to progressives, and are compatible with all frame styles.


Transition lenses have a built-in adjustable tint that changes with the amount of available light. In bright sunlight, they darken. Indoors, they become clear. They can also help reduce glare that can contribute to eye strain. Transition lenses are available in almost every lens style, and have built-in scratch-resistance and ultraviolet protection. Lenses that automatically change from clear indoors to dark outdoors. If you find yourself moving from indoors to outdoors frequently (such as when running errands, shopping, gardening, or working), you may want to consider photochromic lenses, which automatically change from clear indoors to dark outdoors. They save you the inconvenience of carrying an extra pair of prescription sunglasses.


Advantages of Transition Lenses

Are as clear indoors as ordinary lenses, even clearer with an Anti-Reflective coating!

Darken quickly in sunlight, achieving a sunglass tint in bright, glaring light.

Provide convenient and automatic UVA/UVB and glare protection, without lifting a finger.

Block 100% UVA and UVB radiation.

Protect every day – sunny, cloudy or in between.

Are truly the ideal lenses if you want to give your eyes lifelong Healthy Vision.