Polarized Lenses

Get maximum protection from sun, reflected glare, and harmful UV rays-plus greater visual clarity. If you currently wear single vision, bifocals, trifocals, or progressive lenses. These lenses offer you: Prescription sunglass comfort:


Advantages of Polarized Lenses

Maximum protection from reflected glare.

Greater visual clarity.

An enhanced ability to perceive contrast.

Better perception of depth.

Exceptional vision correction.

100% protection from harmful ultraviolet rays.


Color Recommendations


• All Purpose Sun Wear

• Driving

• Sport Activities

• Water Activities

• Benefit-Natural Color Contrast


• All Purpose Sun Lens

• Driving

• Sport Activities

• Water Activities

• Benefit-Filters More Blue Light, Improving Visual Acuity

• Benefit-Sharper Definition on Golf Links

High Contrast Amber

• Filters Blue Light

• All Purpose Sun Lens

• Low Light

• Filters More Blue Light, Improving Visual Acuity

• Benefit-Enhances Color

• Benefit-Sharper Definition of Golf Links


• Sight (Sport) Shooting

• Benefit-Hi-Contrast Fishing

• Benefit-Hi-Contrast Early Morning

• Benefit-Hi-Contrast Late Evening Cloudy

• Benefit-Hi-Contrast Overcast Situations

• Benefit-Depth Perception